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Enduring Faith

Updated: May 3, 2020

Vibe - Autumn in Sherbrooke (from Diana and Rowan)

Music by Peter

Thank you Peter for the music. Apologies, at this stage we can only bring you a short portion of "And Can it Be". Please enjoy the remaining hymns.


We usually celebrate community on the first Sunday of each month when we meet as church community. If you would like a guide to celebrate communion this morning, please click the following link:

Message by Ted

The YouTube this week is the commencement of 1 Peter for the next 5 weeks.  Try and read through the chapter first. You will see an Indigenous painting behind Ted.  Of course it belongs to Cathy.  We thought it fitted the theme of faith being a journey as we look at this great letter from Peter. 

Blessings, Ted

Sermon notes by Ted

1 Peter 1:1-25 The Basis of True Security

Please click here for the sermon notes:

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