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Crossing the Street

We are excited to share this short film with you! Crossing the Street tracks the daily lives of three followers of Jesus in Thailand and Australia. Each are living out what it means to cross the street in the community they live.

This short film has been created as the entry point for the Crossing the Street theme of May Mission Month 2022.

Video Transcript

We see it all through Jesus’ life on Earth, don’t we... the act of crossing the street. The act of stepping out, of building bridges, of meeting people right where they are. Of coming into our world! Crossing the street to meet the Samaritan woman, the tax collector, the person with a disability, the child, the woman who bled, the man who had leprosy. You. Me. Crossing the street to love people His culture said you shouldn’t even talk to. Yes, it’s countercultural and transformative… it’s confronting. It’s hope for you and me! He’ll cross the street for us too. We know it. He already has. It’s hope for the whole world. Jesus came into the human neighbourhood to show us what love with skin on looks like. He came to give us life with passion and purpose. He came as a servant and invites us to do the same. Jesus’ life asks something of us – calls us to follow Him. It’s a gracious invitation, but it’s confronting at the same time. Jesus calls us to cross the street. To step out of our comfort zones in our own neighbourhoods and to the ends of the earth. To love people through our actions. To go to them, not expect them to come to us. To partner with God in sharing His stories in places where few have heard them. To suspend judgement and actually listen. To embody the good news. To live alongside. We see it in people like you, through the daily, imperfect, busy lives of Australian believers – choosing to follow Jesus’ even when it’s hard, choosing to try again after mistakes.

Crossing the street, sharing a meal, starting conversations, modelling God’s love, meeting people where they are… in your local neighbourhoods. And we see it in our humble, passionate Spirit-led workers, serving in communities across the world. Here and there - we’re on mission together. We’re listeners, learners, alongsiders. Givers, go-ers, pray-ers. Followers of Jesus. Street crossers. And our Baptist Mission Australia workers can only keep crossing streets and seeing people meet Jesus in ways that make sense to them with your partnership. Join us, partner with us, and let’s cross more and more streets around the world together!

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